with the best Enterprise Risk Management software on the market, ERM Watchtower.


ERM Watchtower's patented risk aggregation technology combined with its best-in-class feature set makes it the premiere risk management software on the market today.

Configure key risk indicators

With a library of 1000 key risk/performance indicators to choose from, ERM Watchtower already has KRI’s and KPI’s to jump start the set up process. Don't see your KRI or KPI on the list? You can quickly & easily add your own custom indicators.

Enter key risk indicator data

ERM Watchtower is built to easily handle any key business intelligence that you track. Enter data quarterly and let ERM Watchtower handle the rest. In addition to your own entered KRI data, ERM Watchtower electronically imports your call report data within 48 hours after it is filed with the FFIEC.

Monitor & Report

Once your business intelligence data is entered, sit back and watch ERM Watchtower's patented aggregation methodology go to work, providing you with a standardized measurement of risk and performance across your business. Use our powerful reporting tools to drill down into any area you need more detail and access valuable over-time trend of risk/performance data. Dynamically monitor your Risk Appetite and track performance of your Strategic Imperatives.

Works On All Platforms

Today's world is a mobile world and ERM Watchtower is built to work on all of your devices. Access ERM Watchtower whenever and on whatever device you're on from laptops to tablets to phones.



Safe & Secure

We understand that the security of your data is of the upmost importance. Our team employs all of the latest cybersecurity standards and best practices in order to keep your data safe.

How It Works?

Let us quickly show you what makes ERM Watchtower such a powerful risk management tool.

Customer Testimonials

See how our customers, from small to large, have used ERM Watchtower to greatly enhance their risk management capabilities.


“I have been very happy with SRA’s Watchtower. The implementation took 60 days, with excellent support from SRA. The software is very robust and easily configurable. We have extensively used the warehouse of KRIs to identify and track our risks while adding to the library is easy as well. Our Board appreciates the clarity provided by the dashboards, with the ability to drill down quickly to understand specific risks. The ability to document our risk mitigation activities in space provided and through the ability to append documents has been valuable when being audited by third parties.”

Andy Lock - Chief Risk Officer, TowneBank

“The SRA Watchtower product is a useful tool in helping us quantify subjective material in the risk arena. It was very intuitive and easy to implement. You can make the product as complicated or simple as you desire. We started off simple and will build more into the program as we mature in it's use. We made it a priority and it was a much faster implementation than we first thought. SRA provides useful guidelines during the implementation process that makes it go smooth and fast.”

Melissa Smith - Vice President, TruPoint Bank

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